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All materials are single donation tested at the blood bank according to FDA regulations and / or methods cleared in compliance with the European Directive.


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Human Plasma

Code Specificity Form
NP0130 anti-HBs negative source single
NP0210 anti-HBs negative source, customized single
NP0230 anti-HBs & anti-HBc negative source single
NP1201 anti-HTLV I/II negative source single
NP1230 anti-HBs & anti-HBc & anti-HTLV- I/II neg. source single

Custom Anticoagulants

Code Specificity Form
NP0100 Normal Plasma, CPD-A single
NP0101 Normal Plasma, CDP-A pooled
NP0110 ACDA Plasma single
NP0200 Normal Plasma, Citrate single
NP0201 Normal Plasma, Citrate single
NP0300 Normal Plasma CPD pooled
NP0301 Normal Plasma CPD pooled
NP0400 Normal Plasma CP2D single
NP0401 Normal Plasma CP2D pooled
NP0990 Normal Plasma, Lithium Heparin single
NP0992 Normal Plasma, K3 EDTA single
NP0993 Normal Plasma, K2 EDTA single
NP0994 Normal Plasma, Na2 EDTA single
NP0995 Normal Plasma, Sodium Heparin single
NP0998 Normal Plasma Sodium Fluoride single
NP1990 Normal Plasma, Lithium Heparin pooled
NP1992 Normal Plasma, K3 EDTA pooled
NP1993 Normal Plasma, K2 EDTA pooled
NP1995 Normal Plasma, Sodium Heparin pooled
NP0992 K3 EDTA Whole Blood liquid

Matched Sets

Code Specificity Form
NM0800 K3 EDTA & Serum single donor
NM0801 K2 EDTA & Serum single donor

Human Whole Blood & Blood Components

Code Specificity Form
SN0001 Whole Blood single
SN0010 Erythrocyte Concentrate single, pooled
NP0020 Red Blood Cells (Na2 EDTA) single, pooled
SN0050 Buffy Coats single
SN0060 SAG-M Red Cells concentrate liquid
SN0070 Red Cell Concentrate single
SN0180 Cord blood single
Any customer given or defined anti-coagulants can be added upon special requirement. Materials will be aliquoted and labeled according to customer’s demand and specification.