positive plasma | control serum

Raw plasma, serum off the clot or defibrinated plasma for manufacturing of R&D and IVD components. Please ask our TRINA-Team for specific samples.

All materials are single donation tested at the blood bank according to FDA regulations and / or methods cleared in compliance with the European Directive, unless otherwise specified.


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G H I  J L M


Code Specificity Form
DM1003 Adenovirus IgA frozen
DM1004 Adenovirus IgM frozen
DM1013 Alkaline Phosphatase positive Serum frozen
DM1012 Amoebe frozen
DM1011 Adenovirus IgG frozen
DM1010 anti-Streptolysin O antibody (ASO) frozen
DM1009 ASO negative frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1022 Barmah forest IgM0 frozen
DM1023 Barmah forest IgG frozen
DM1015 Bordetella pertussis IgA positive Plasma frozen
DM1017 Bordetella pertussis IgG positive Plasma frozen
DM1016 Bordetella pertussis IgM positive Plasma frozen
DM1014 Bordetella pertussis negative frozen
DM1024 Brucella IgA positive frozen
DM1018 Brucella IgG positive frozen
DM1019 Brucella IgM positive frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1029 Campylobacter frozen
DM10000 Cancer specified Patient Plasma frozen
DM1020 Candida IgA positive frozen
DM1021 Candida IgM positive frozen
DM1028 Chagas negativ frozen
DM1030 Chagas antibody frozen
DM1031 Chlamydia IgG frozen
DM1038 Chlamydia IgA frozen
DM1034 CIC (Circulating immune complex) frozen
DM1032 C-Reactive protein (CRP) frozen
DM1036 Chikungunya frozen
DM1035 Coxiella positive frozen
DM1033 Cryptococcus neoformans frozen
DM1029 Cytomegalovirus IgA (anti-CMV IgA) frozen
DM1030 Cytomegalovirus IgG (anti-CMV IgG) frozen
DM1031 Cytomegalovirus IgM (anti-CMV IgM) frozen
DM1032 Cytomegalovirus negative frozen
DM1033 Cytomegalovirus DNA positive frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1040 D-Dimer-Positive frozen
DM1052 Dengue IgA frozen
DM1051 Dengue IgG frozen
DM1050 Dengue IgM frozen
DM1053 Dengue NS1 frozen
DM1054 Dengue RNA frozen
DM1063 Deamidated gliadin IgA frozen
DM1064 Deamidated gliadin IgG frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM2103 E2 elevated frozen
DM1058 EBNA IgA (Nuclear Antigen) frozen
DM1056 EBNA IgG (Nuclear Antigen) frozen
DM1057 EBNA IgM (Nuclear Antigen) frozen
DM1050 EBV IgG positive Plasma frozen
DM1059 EBV EA negative frozen
DM1053 EBV Viral Capsid Antigen (EBV VCA) frozen
DM1055 EBV Viral Capsid Antigen negative frozen
DM1067 E-Coli frozen
DM1070 Endometriosis (dormant) frozen
DM1065 Enterovirus positive frozen
DM1052 Epstein Barr Virus Early Antigen (EBV EA) frozen
DM1051 Epstein Barr Virus IgM (EBV IgM) frozen
DM1054 Epstein Barr Virus negative frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1078 FSME frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1060 Gammaglobulin elevated frozen
DM1069 Gastro Intestinal CA19-9 frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1081 Helicobacter pylori frozen
DM1083 Helicobacter pylori negative frozen
DM1082 Hemolyzed specimens frozen
DV1085 Herpes Simplex Virus I+II IgG frozen
DV1087 Herpes Simplex Virus I+II IgM frozen
DV1086 Herpes Simplex Virus I+II negative frozen
DV1081 Herpes Simplex Virus Type I IgG frozen
DV1082 Herpes Simplex Virus Type I IgM frozen
DV1083 Herpes Simplex Virus Type II IgG frozen
DV1084 Herpes Simplex Virus Type II IgM frozen
DV1080 Heterophile Antibody frozen
DM1080 Human anti Mouse antibodies (HAMA) frozen
DM1089 Hyper Gammaglobulin frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1097 Icteric frozen
DM1090 Immunoglobulin E antibody frozen
DM1092 Infectious Mono (EBV) frozen
DM1094 Influenza A frozen
DM1095 Influenza B frozen
DM1093 Interleukin 6 (IL-6) frozen
DM1091 IV drug abusers frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1096 Japanese Encephalitis frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1100 Legionella antibody frozen
DM1099 Leishmania frozen
DM1098 Leptospira IgM frozen
DM1113 Lipoprotein high frozen
DM1101 Lyme disease IgG frozen
DM1102 Lyme disease IgM frozen
DM1103 Lyme negative frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1210 Malaria frozen
DM1200 Measles IgG frozen
DM1201 Measles IgM frozen
DM1203 Measles negative frozen
DM0010 Multiple PCR NEG frozen
DM1204 Mumps IgG frozen
DM1205 Mumps IgM frozen
DM1206 Mumps negative frozen
DM1209 Myasthenia gravis frozen
DM1207 Mycoplasma pneumonia / Trachomatis frozen
DM1208 Myeloma antibody frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1505 Parainfluenza negative frozen
DM1504 Parainfluenza positive frozen
DM1501 Parvovirus B19 pos. frozen
DM1503 Parvovirus negative frozen
DM2105 Progesterone elevated frozen
DM1517 Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) frozen
DM1518 Prostate Specific Antigen, negative frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1601 Q-Fever IgM frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM10 1 frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1680 Ross-River IgM frozen
DM1681 Ross-River IgG frozen
DM1720 RSV frozen
DM1702 Rubella IgG frozen
DM1703 Rubella IgM frozen
DM1704 Rubella negative frozen
DM1700 Rubella Screening off clot frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1804 Rubella Screening off clot frozen
DM1801 Shigella antibody frozen
DM1802 Syphilis antibody frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM1805 TBE (Tick-Borne Encephalitis) IgM pos. frozen
DM1905 TORCH negative frozen
DM1904 TORCH positive frozen
DM1907 Toxocara canis frozen
DM1901 Toxoplasma IgG frozen
DM1902 Toxoplasma IgM frozen
DM1903 Toxoplasma negative frozen
DM1803 Treponema negative frozen
DM1810 Treponema Pallidum IgG frozen
DM1910 Treponema Pallidum IgM frozen
DM1921 Tuberculosis frozen
DM1922 Typhoid Fever IgG frozen
DM10 Typhoid Fever IgM frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM2001 Ureaplasma frozen


Code Specificity Form
DV1212 Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) negative frozen
DV1209 Varicella Zoster Virus IgA frozen
DV1210 Varicella Zoster Virus IgG frozen
DV1211 Varicella Zoster Virus IgM frozen
DM2101 Vimentin frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM2120 WNV positive frozen


Code Specificity Form
DM2200 Yersinia frozen